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Meet Caitlin


Certified Fitness, nutrition, and strength Coach

My Coaching is influenced by my unique background in sports (field hockey, golf, jiu-jitsu, climbing, snowboarding, martial arts, soccer) as well as my education in Strength Training, Mobility, Nutrition and Sports Psychology.  


I have had to deal with performance anxiety.  I have had to overcome injuries, set backs, mental health struggles.  Strength training has always been a place I could bounce back to life when I am overwhelmed.  I want to offer that sanctuary to you too . 

My Vision

These influences guide my approach to Coaching and help me to enrich and personalize your experience. 


My clients regularly overcome chronic pains or setbacks and set new personal bests.  They lift weights they never thought they could lift before.  They have gone from thinking they were not healthy enough to work out to managing to lift 3 times their body weight no problem.  It is possible and I will show you how. 

WHAT my clients SAY


Tahir M.

I felt like my body wasn't physically fit enough to get through a workout, like I was gonna faint because I wasn't strong enough to do the activities that I wanted in my life. 


I was wrong!

I am proud to say..

I lost 50 pounds ✅ 

I can do pushups ✅ 

I can do pull ups ✅ 

I can squat ✅ 

I recover between workouts ✅ 

I can deadlift >200# ✅ 

I have more energy than ever ✅ 

Caitlin is one of the most skilled and caring coaches available.


Tanja C. 

My posture has completely changed!

My back/hip do not hurt all the time anymore.

I can climb a rope and do pull-ups!

I'm leaner and have the muscle definition I want.


Leah K

After only 3-4 weeks I could SEE and FEEL actual muscle on my arms!

I can now carry my own fizzy water from Costco!

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